Dr Imran Tahir Aestheticare Center

Dr. Imran Tahir Aestheticare Centre was established by Dr. Imran Tahir, one of the leading Plastic Surgeon in the region who has an expert portfolio built up by working in plastic surgery centers in UK, Australia, Ireland and private practice in Harley Street London and Jumeirah, Dubai over 35 years.

Aestheticare Centre includes everything related to well being specifically Aesthetic treatments including cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry and all invasive & non-invasive procedure including orthodontics, facial alignments, hair transplant, laser hair removal & laser cosmetic procedures, vitamin therapy and general well-being advice by nutritionist.

In doing so, we have pioneered the concept of combination of all Cosmetic & Aesthetic treatments under one roof. The staff and healthcare professionals are committed to deliver quality services and treat each patient with utmost care, genuine compassion and huge respect.

Our Team