Beauty & Aesthetic


Skin rejuvenation peel

Skin booster & Mesotherapy

Skin resurfacing laser

Skin micro-needling RF

Skin Micro needling nanopore technology

Skin pigmentation treatment

Skin acne and rosacea treatment

Skin acne scars treatments

Skin surgical scars and stretch marks removal

Skin tightening RF

Skin firming and lifting HIFU

Pores refining

Face & Neck

Rejuvenation Facials

Non surgical eyebrow lifting

Long lasting Facial skin glowing

Neck lines resurfacing and skin lifting

Profilo and profilo plus treatment

Dark circles treatment

Under eyes puffiness treatment

Eyelids wrinkles rejuvenation & tightening

Double chin treatment

Jawlines definition

Non surgical facial lifting and contouring

Body re shaping

Body localized fat reduction

Body cellulite treatment

Body skin tightening and lifting

Laser Clinic

Laser hair removal

Laser hair bleach

Laser vein removal

Laser for pigmentation

Laser for tattoo removal

Laser skin rejuvenation and pores refining

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