Dental Braces (Metallic/Ceramic)

What are Braces (Metallic/Ceramic)?

Dental Braces are composed of three different types of components. The first component is metal brackets that are individually fitted in front surface of the teeth. The second component is the arch wire that is a thin wire of metal used for threading. It is used for connecting the lower and bottom brackets to each other. The third component is the elastics which are used for exerting pressure gently over the brackets. It helps the teeth to move to the desired position with brackets also.

Who needs Teeth Braces (Metallic/Ceramic)?

Teeth Braces prove to be ideally suited for those patients who require orthodontic treatment. The orthodontics treatment of Dr. Imran Tahir Clinic is considered to be the most highly specialized treatment for the dentistry field whose main focus is improper bites. The main cause of improper bites is tooth irregularities and jaw disproportion.

Diagnosis & Causes

The main causes for using Dental Braces are orthodontic problems that are also termed as malocclusions. These problems occur during the conditions where the teeth and the jaw of your teeth are not properly fitted together. Some other conditions are also responsible for undergoing the treatment of teeth braces such as crowded teeth case, overbites, and under bites conditions.

How does the procedure work?

Two types of braces can be used for orthodontic treatment which is metallic and ceramic braces. Braces cost in Dubai varies from procedure to procedure. Our team of dentists at Dr. Imran Tahir clinic provides patients with these types of braces according to their ailment and the conditions of their teeth. The patient can shift braces from metallic type to ceramic type or vice versa, however that will require additional time and cost.

Preparing before Surgery

The patient must plan some non-chewable meals which can be engulfed easily after the treatment and prepare them accordingly.


Dental Braces such as metallic braces and ceramic braces provide a broader and brighter smile on your face by eradicating crowded teeth and curing several other dental problems.


After the adjustment procedure of teeth braces, it takes recovery duration of approximately four to six hours.

Risk Factors

The patient might feel some tightness and soreness after the dental braces treatment that would cure after few hours.