Acne Scars, Injury Scars

What is Acne Scars or Injury Scars?

A scar is a part of natural healing process caused due to injury or acne. When someone has a scar on their face they feel self-conscious and it reminds them of the bad memory related to that scar.

Who needs Acne Scars or Injury Scars Treatment?

Men and women who have some scars on their face or other parts of their body opt for this treatment to remove old scars in Dubai.

Diagnosis & Causes

Scars can be caused due to injury or a surgical procedure being done with the patients in the past. It is very difficult to remove scars completely, whereas it can be made less visible with scar removal treatments preformed by our best surgeons at Dr. Imran Tahir clinic that is the best acne scar removal clinic in Dubai.

How does the procedure work?

There are various methods to remove old scars in Dubai such as dermabrasion (smoothing of skin) and laser therapy. In some cases surgeons might open an old scar with the help of an incision and stich it again to make it less visible. Different techniques can be applied depending upon your scar.

Preparing before surgery?

The surgeons of the best acne scar removal clinic i.e.  Dr. Imran Tahir clinic suggest that it is must to check the skin tone of the patient and the type of scar they have before deciding the type of treatment they need.

Expectations/ Results

After this treatment, the scar is less visible and the patient gains self confidence as well as his/her personality gets enhanced.


The procedure to remove old scars in Dubai takes approximately 10 months to get the scars become light and less visible.

Risk Factors 

Your skin can be red and whippy after the scar removal treatment. It can also cause uneven skin tone for some time.