Chemical Peels

What are Chemical peels?

Chemical peels treatment in Dubai is also named as chemexfoliation. This treatment is done to improve the skin appearance with the help of chemical solutions. These chemical solutions are applied on the skin for blistering so that it can eventually be peeled off. The new skin is softer and smoother as well as more sensitive to the sun for some time. This treatment is used for various body parts such as the neck, face, and hands. 

Who needs Chemical peels?

Chemical peels treatment in Dubai is for those candidates who have certain skin conditions such as sun-damaged skin, superficial scars, hypopigmentation, and hyperpigmentation. The candidates who have freckles and blemishes on the skin undergo this treatment.

Diagnosis & Causes

There can be many causes for dull skin such as bacteria present in your skin, outside dust particles or lack of balanced diet. Consult the best surgeons of Dubai about the treatment and chemical peels dubai price before opting for this surgery.

How does the procedure work?

The procedure of chemical peels treatment in Dubai is outpatient as it is performed by the best team of doctors at Dr. Imran Tahir clinic. In this treatment process, initially the excess oil from the skin is removed. Some chemical solutions that are used in this procedure for blistering of skin are lactic acid, trichloroacetic acid, and glycolic acid. The patients experience a warm sensation in this procedure due to resurfacing of new smooth skin for duration of five to ten minutes.

Preparing Before Surgery? 

Several cosmetic products and hair removal techniques should not be used on your skin before performing chemical peels treatment in Dubai.

Expectations/ Results 

Chemical peels treatment will help you get a glowing and clear skin. Chemical peels Dubai price is not fixed as it can vary from skin to skin and the procedure. 


The best team of doctors at Dr. Imran Tahir clinic suggests that the recovery duration for this treatment is short as this treatment is minimally invasive.

Risk Factors

After the treatment, the patient might feel some sunburn reactions causing redness and scaling that can take three to seven days to end. The patients have to avoid sun exposure after undergoing this treatment.