Excessive Sweating

What is Excessive Sweating?

Sweating plays a very important role in our body for loosing heat and loosing calories. The condition of excessive sweating is known as hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis can affect several body areas like armpit, soles of feet and palms of hands etc. This condition can affect both men and women as it can create a lot of embarrassment in social places. The excessive sweating treatment is the process of revolutionizing sweat from several body areas by using botulinium toxin injections.

Who needs Excessive Sweating Treatment in Dubai?

The excessive sweating treatment in Dubai is treated as an effective option for those patients who face excess sweating in the form of facial sweat or armpit sweat. The release of sweat from our body is controlled by sympathetic nervous system and these nerves respond during the situations of fear and stress.

Diagnosis & Causes

The main cause for excessive sweating condition can be exercising, consumption of spicy food, coffee and tea etc. Stress and strong emotions can also trigger out sweat in large amount from body.

How does the procedure work?

In the excessive sweating treatment, our best team of doctors at Dr. Imran Tahir clinic starts the process by injecting small amounts of Botox toxin through the mode of fine needles. The patient might feel some discomfort during the procedure but the patient is not placed under anesthetic as it is not required in this treatment. Botox helps in blocking of nerve endings for duration of six to twelve weeks time span.

Preparing Before Surgery? 

Before undergoing excessive sweating treatment in Dubai, the patient must discuss with the doctors about their history and physical examination. Our doctor’s at Dr. Imran Tahir clinic asks the patients certain questions such as ‘which areas are mostly affected by excessive sweating’ and ‘from how long they are experiencing this problem’.

Expectations/ Results 

After the completion of excessive sweating treatment, the patient will feel permanent dryness and scarring which will help them in boosting self confidence during social situations.


The recovery duration of excessive sweating treatment is generally completed within two weeks.

Risk Factors

The risk factors associated with excessive sweating treatment in Dubai are heat intolerance, extreme hypotension and arrhythmia etc.