What is Hair Loss Treatment?

The hair loss treatment in Dubai is a process that is medically termed Alopecia. This process is known as thinning of hair on the scalp of the head. A head full of hair helps in building self-confidence and is aesthetically ideal for both men and women.

Who needs Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai?

Men and women with large areas of hair loss and empty patches in their heads require treatment for hair loss in Dubai. Dr. Imran Tahir Clinic is considered to be the best hair loss clinic in Dubai.

Diagnosis & Causes

These days everyone is busy in their lives and no one has time to take care of their hair. Therefore, preventing hair loss becomes very difficult. Stress can be a major cause to hair loss even in early ages.

Major cause to hair loss can be poor diet or lack of balanced diet that can cause damage to hair and its growth. Some cosmetic procedures at Dr. Imran Tahir Clinic, such as straightening, color-bleaching, etc. can hamper the growth of the hair.

How does the procedure work?

The procedure of hair loss treatment in Dubai is of two types – surgical as well as non-surgical. Hair loss condition can be treated using medicines or surgery. The hair can be regained using certain medicines such as Propecia, minoxidil, etc. in addition to certain types of surgeries such as laser surgery, hair transplant surgery, etc at the best hair loss clinic in Dubai.

Preparing before Surgery

In the case of non-surgical treatments, there are no such precautions to be taken before surgery.

Expectations/ Results 

As suggested by the top surgeons of the best hair loss clinic in Dubai, the result of the treatment will be noticeable after two or three months of the treatment.


According to the surgeons, the recovery period in Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai is instant.

Risk Factors

There can be various factors of hair loss such as family history, age, or any problems in diet consumption. There’s no such major risks involved in this treatment that would be a reason to worry.