Laser Treatments

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a laser treatment to remove unwanted hair from the body. By destroying the tube-shaped hair follicles, this laser treatment inhibits hair growth.

Who Needs Laser Hair Removal?

People with dark hair on light skin complexion undergo laser hair removal in Dubai. However, as the laser technology is enhancing, individuals with fair hair and skin tone also opt for this surgery.

Diagnosis and Causes

The vital factors for determining the success of laser hair removal treatment is hair pigmentation and skin complexion. The laser damages the hair follicles without destroying skin texture and cells. This treatment is not for people with blond, white, red, or grey hair as these hair colors absorb less of the laser.

The excess hair growth of the body activates due to increasing androgens hormone levels in female anatomy. Laser hair removal treatment in Dubai is an easy and quick method to avoid unwanted hair growth.

The procedure of Laser Hair Removal in Dubai

The most qualified dermatologists of Dr. Imran Tahir Aestheticare Center in Dubai, directs a narrow, concentrated beam of light (laser) at a specific wavelength in a particular area to suppress melanin in the hair follicle. Radiations released during the laser hair removal treatment are absorbed by the hair pigments, ultimately wiping out the hair. The hair growth then is more refined and less visible.

Preparing before Laser Hair Removal in Dubai

Surgeons of Dr. Imran Tahir Aestheticare Center recommends minimum skin exposure and refraining from dark skin before laser hair removal treatment. Avoid intaking herbal supplements and aspirin before surgery.

Expectations/ Results

The result of laser hair removal is visible after two to six sittings of the treatment. You feel a reduction in your hair growth & the regrowth is much delicate and light after the treatment.

Recovery Time

The dermatologists recommend sunbathing and sun exposure for at least six weeks after the procedure and advise applying sunscreen lotion.

Risk Factors

Laser hair removal in Dubai involves minimal risks and side effects. Blistering, redness, and skin color change is rare.

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