Lip Augmentation

What is Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation surgery in Dubai is an anti-aging surgery that revitalizes lips and gives them a fuller appearance. Enhancing the facial contours, the procedure of lip augmentation restores hydration and softens wrinkles.

Who needs Lip Augmentation Surgery in Dubai?

Lip augmentation surgery is truly ones’ personal decision. People with thinner lips and unsatisfied with their appearance undergo lip augmentation surgery in Dubai. However, people with diabetes and blood clotting problems are not fit for this cosmetic therapy.

Diagnosis & Causes

There are various techniques for this surgery. The technique differs depending upon the expected outcome. Succulent lips require more fillers than natural.

Upper lip wrinkles are mostly observed in smokers. Excessive sun exposure can also be a cause of it. Also, insufficient production of collagen and oil leads to thin and less resilient lips.

How does the procedure work?

The top surgeons of Dr. Imran Tahir Clinic, suggests having a detailed evaluation before this surgery. People with moderate lip wrinkles, undergo surgery with collagen fillers. Lip augmentation surgery in Dubai provides more prominent and impressive lips with the help of collagen fillers. The Fillers can be temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent. 

Preparing Before Surgery

A quick google search for the best lip augmentation near me before undergoing the surgery would undoubtedly relieve your stress to a great extent. The most qualified surgeons of Dr. Imran Tahir Clinic suggests avoiding the intake of herbal supplements, aspirin, fish oil, and multivitamins before seven days of lip augmentation surgery in Dubai. These could make the blood thin, making the patient prone to bruising.

Expectations/ Results  

Lip augmentation surgery in Dubai produces instant results after the first session. This result lasts for six months or more, depending upon the immunity and metabolic rate of the patient’s body.


This is a non-invasive atheistic skin treatment. Therefore, there is no downtime for lip augmentation and contouring. Wrap the ice in tissue paper and cold compress it to reduce the swelling and bruising after treatment. Mild symptoms are observed after the surgery that fades away generally in three days.

Risk Factors

Temporary risk factors arise after lip augmentation surgery in Dubai. Bruises, swelling, and reactivation of cold sores are some of the common side effects of this treatment.