Skin Brightening for Pigmentation

What is Skin Brightening for Pigmentation?

Skin brightening is a process in which a lightening agent is injected into the skin. This treatment is used to treat a hyperpigmentation skin condition. This process helps to improve the skin tone and make your skin glowing and soft. Skin brightening is considered the best treatment for pigmentation. 

Who needs Skin Whitening Treatment?

Men and women who desire to have unblemished and even-toned skin that is free from pigmentation opt for skin whitening treatment in Dubai.

Diagnosis & Causes

During skin pigmentation, there are black, brown, grey, or blue color patches, burns, and blisters on the skin. Also, the skin gets discolored. These patches are usually found between eyebrows, jawline, and upper lips. If you are facing skin problems like these, you must undergo the best treatment for pigmentation in Dubai. Dr. Imran Tahir Clinic consists of the best skin specialists that can help you overcome skin pigmentation issues.

There can be various causes of skin pigmentation such as exposure to the sun, hormonal imbalance during pregnancy, steroid treatment, or birth control pills.

How does the procedure work?

Skin brightening is a perpetual and the best treatment for pigmentation. In this, the hyperpigmentation is reduced through antioxidant glutathione. This glutathione is injected into the skin. It then gets absorbed by the deep skin cells. This process reduces melanin production in the body.

Preparing Before Skin Whitening Treatment in Dubai

Skin brightening is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment. Surgeons of Dr. Imran Tahir Clinic in Dubai suggests – stop alcohol consumption, intaking herbal supplement, and inflammatory drugs at least twenty four hours before the treatment.


The treatment of skin brightening for pigmentation provides unblemished skin and even skin devoid of hyperpigmentation.


Dr. Imran Tahir Clinic is a renowned clinic with the top surgeons of Dubai that suggests accompanying cold compression with an ice pack will help relieve the pain. Since skin whitening treatment in Dubai is non-invasive so it has a low recovery time. This treatment does not require an overnight stay in the hospital.

Risk Factors

As a result of detoxification, the patient might experience nausea, diarrhea, or fever.

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