Body Lift Surgery

What is Body Lift Surgery?

Body Lift Surgery is the process that is performed for tightening and removing the skin in excess amount in different areas of the body. The process of Body lift surgery in Dubai can also be used to lift the buttocks and thighs for sculpting the entire body by using a band through the entire waist.

Who Needs Body Lift Surgery?

The Body lift surgery in Dubai is especially suitable for those patients who aim for reshaping their body by using various surgical procedures that also include liposuction. This surgical type treatment includes various types of procedures that are used over time.

Diagnosis & Causes

In case you are suffering from central obesity which is a resident to diet and exercise then Body lift surgery at Dr. Imran Tahir clinic will help you get a perfect body shape.

How does the procedure work?

The patient has been put on under local and general anaesthesia during the whole procedure. The procedure starts when the surgeons create incisions for lifting the skin and fat from those areas which have to be reshaped. Incisions are closed when there is the removal of excess fats and skin tissues from the body. The Body lift surgery in Dubai can be done for different areas of the body such as the breast and face etc.

Preparing Before Surgery?

Before undergoing body lift surgery in Dubai, certain things have to be kept in mind to avoid risks. Some of them are, consumption of alcohol, garlic, and food oils should be avoided as it has a risk of excessive bleeding conditions. The surgeons at Dr. Imran Tahir clinic suggest their patients to avoid intaking anything (even water) before 6 hours of surgery.

Expectations/ Results  

The patient has to be kept in the recovery room for few hours or even a few days depending upon the extent of the patient’s surgery. The patient might feel some discomfort and pain after the surgery that cures after some time.


The duration of recovery depends upon the extent of surgery and its procedure. The surgeon would recommend taking the antibiotics and painkillers course completely.

Risk Factors

Body lift surgery in Dubai can cause some complications and can have some side effects such as haematoma that is also called excessive bleeding conditions, etc. The patient must be aware of them while filling the consent form of surgery.