Breast Reduction

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai is a cosmetic surgery performed to extract surplus fat and tissues to create supple breasts with a fab look.

Who Needs Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery in Dubai is mostly opted for by women with larger breasts. The immense size of breasts causes aches in the upper part of the body. Also, it somewhere affects the self-esteem of women. However, Dr. Imran Tahir Aestheticare Center in Dubai has qualified plastic surgeons that recommends pregnant or breastfeeding mothers to avoid breast reduction surgery in all circumstances.

Diagnosis and Causes

It is necessary to consult an experienced plastic surgeon to have breast reduction surgery in Dubai if a woman is suffering from back pain, shoulder pain, breast pain, or cystic infection.

Oversized breasts can cause sleeping disorders and poor posture. If the bust size is large due to genetic factors, there is no other option except breast reduction treatment.

The procedure of Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai

The most used technique performed to remove excess fat and skin from breasts is Lollipop and Anchor techniques. During Breast reduction surgery in Dubai, the surgeon makes an incision around perimeter of the areola that directs towards the breast furrow.

Preparing before Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai

Before undergoing breast reduction surgery in Dubai, Surgeons of Dr. Imran Tahir Aestheticare Center advises their patients to go for mammography and chest X-Ray. Avoid smoking and follow a balanced diet with light exercises to boost the recovery process.


Highly skilled plastic surgeons help you get a desired breast and cup size after the breast reduction surgery in Dubai. This surgery may cause pain and discomfort for few days but once the swelling and tautness gets settled, the patient notices the full benefit.

Recovery Time

Recovery from breast reduction surgery may vary depending upon the techniques used. Whereas, it takes at least a week to recover on average. Oral medicines are given to the patients to soothe the discomfort post-surgery. According to the surgeons of Dr. Imran Tahir Aestheticare Center, the patient is allowed to perform light activities for ten to fifteen days, however, sports activities can be resumed only after a month.

Risk Factors

No surgery is performed without an element of risks and side effects. After undergoing breast reduction surgery in Dubai, the patient may witness a change in sensation in nipples and breasts. Risks involved in this surgery is a drug allergy, poor wound healing, bleeding, and clotting of blood.