Cheek Implants

What is Cheek Implants Surgery?

Cheek implants surgery in Dubai is a cosmetic surgery performed to add volume to the cheeks or to lift up the cheeks. This surgery involves the utilization of dermal fillers to provide fuller cheeks and enhance the facial appearance.

Who Needs Cheek Implants Surgery?

The volume of the cheeks never develops in some people either due to age or genetic factors. It is a life-changing experience for some people who have saggy cheeks. People bothered with flat cheeks mostly undergo Cheek Implants Surgery in Dubai.

Diagnosis and Causes

People with flat and hollow cheeks opts for Cheek Implants Surgery in Dubai. Bone remodeling and resorption technique is adopted to sharpen the saggy skin cheek.

The disintegration of soft tissues exposing the facial contour is a sign of aging or weariness. This surgery builds fullness and balance making the face look more young and striking.

The procedure of Cheek Implants Surgery in Dubai

The cheek implanting procedure involves making tiny incisions just a few millimeters in diameter. Cheek implants are placed inside the mouth or under the lower eyelid to replenish the cheek volume.

Preparing before Cheek Implants Surgery in Dubai

One should consult an experienced plastic surgeon before undergoing cheek implants surgery in Dubai. The famous and experienced surgeons of Dr. Imran Tahir Aestheticare Center recommend their patients to quit smoking a month before and after surgery. Avoid drinking and intake of aspirin two weeks prior to surgery. Follow a healthy and balanced diet along with consuming abundant water to avoid dizziness and nausea.


Treatment from Dr. Imran Tahir Aestheticare Center helps you get the ultimate results of cheek implants surgery in Dubai with fuller and supple cheeks. The actual result of this surgery is visible after the swelling subsides.

Recovery Time

Pain and Uneasiness are the common factors observed after cheek implants surgery in Dubai that can be managed by oral medications. Whereas, the swelling and bruises settle down within one or two weeks. The patients are advised to avoid workout for at least three weeks and can resume their daily routine after two weeks.

Risk Factors

There are various inherent risks that are involved in this surgery such as bleeding, hematoma, infection, numbness, and pigmentation on cheeks. It is necessary to have a discussion with your surgeon regarding the potential complications and side effects of a particular treatment/surgery.