Chin Remodeling

What is Chin Remodeling?

Chin Remodeling is the process that helps in providing a strong jaw look that is best suited for people who have a comparatively small chin and a large nose. The chin remodelling surgery in Dubai works by increasing chin size in two ways. The first way is using implants for increasing the chin size and the second way is moving the sliding genioplasty bone forward. Facial features can be balanced to bring them into proportion by reducing the chin size.

Who needs Chin Remodelling Surgery in Dubai?

The chin Remodelling surgery in Dubai is opted by those men and women who want to have a better jaw line and chin areas for great look and appearance. Also, those men and women who are interested to remove the double chin, undergo this surgery. Chin remodelling surgery in Dubai is the best option for both men and women for correcting receding and weak chin.

Diagnosis & Causes

Small chin size helps in improving personality and appearance and makes a person looks properly defined. This surgery helps in correcting receding and weak chin. One must consult an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon before undergoing chin remodelling surgery in Dubai.

How does the procedure work?

This surgery is performed using general anesthesia. Incisions are used in this surgery either through the mouth or placed under the chin so that accessing neck muscles becomes easy. For performing chin reduction, cutting or filling down of bone is done by removing a wedge of bone or slightly relocating it up or down.

Preparing before Surgery 

Before undergoing this chin remodelling surgery in Dubai, consult our best team of plastic surgeons at Dr. Imran Tahir clinic that suggests their patients with some cautious steps to take before this treatment. Patient must be in good health and should have a stable weight by taking a healthy balanced diet and to get the best outcome of this surgery. Also, patients must discuss with their surgeons about the vitamins and medicines they consume. Quit smoking before 2 months of chin augmentation surgery.

Expectations/ Results 

After completing surgery, the patient might feel some swelling or bruising for some days that can be cured by consuming a painkiller and antibiotics. The intake of aspirin should be avoided as it can lead to excessive bleeding or normal bleeding conditions.


The qualified team of surgeons at Dr. Imran Tahir clinic suggests that the recovery period of chin remodelling surgery in Dubai is 7 days and during these days, the patient might feel little low.

Risk Factors

There can be some risk factors in chin Remodeling surgery such as the condition of facing a shift in implant position and infection etc.