Face Lift

What is Facelift?

Facelift surgery in Dubai is a cosmetic surgery that is done to remove surplus skin and diminish sagginess altering the appearance of the person.

Who needs a Facelift?

People with loose skin, saggy cheeks, and jawline undergo facelift surgery in Dubai to get the desired effect of a well-shaped chin angle.

Diagnosis and Causes

People with slumpy cheeks, deep lines, and excess skin opt for facelift surgery. But, this surgery does not eradicate sun damage or pigmentations.

Initially, the patient will observe a noticeable change of facial expressions as the facelift procedure will refine the jawline; tackle various aging signs to restore the youthful look.

The procedure of Facelift Surgery in Dubai

An incision is made close to the hairline during facelift surgery. Then, from the front of the ear dropping to the lower scalp behind the ears, the surgeon makes a slit. Extraction of the excess fat and skin make you regain a youthful look.

Facelift surgery in Dubai is done in two ways. If the sagging is minimal, the surgeon makes a shorter incision to give a mini facelift. Whereas, in the modern version of Facelift Surgery, the surgeon injects stem cells derived from the patient’s cell.

Preparing before Facelift Surgery in Dubai

Preparing for facelift surgery in Dubai? The top plastic surgeons of Dr. Imran Tahir Aesthetic Care advises the patient for a specific medical test. The patient is suggested to stop smoking, halt the intake of aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs as it may cause bleeding and bruising.

Expectations/ Results

One has to take pain killer medicines after undergoing facelift surgery in Dubai. You may see the difference, once the swelling settles down. The patient may resume daily chores after two weeks of surgery.


The famous surgeons of Dr. Imran Tahir Aesthetic Care suggests to not have much social interaction after at least two weeks of the surgery. Healing of bruises and swelling usually takes two weeks but also it varies from person to person as the immunity system responds.

Risk Factors

Even after consulting the best surgeons for facelift surgery in Dubai, it does not take away the fact that every cosmetic surgery has its side effects. Risks of this surgery include bleeding, infection, hair loss at incision area, cardiac events, blood clots, and prolonged swelling.

Remember not to compromise anything to recollect the dynamic and youthful look. Facelift Surgery in Dubai may be much more costly but always consult an experienced and specialized surgeon.