Neck Lift Surgery

What is a neck lift? 

Neck Lift surgery is a cosmetic surgery to get rid of the saggy neck that is one of the first signs of aging. Neck lift surgery in Dubai curtails the excess fat and skin to present a firmer as well as a youthful look to the neck.

Who Needs Neck Lift?

People with excess fat on the skin undergo neck lift surgery in Dubai. The best cosmetic surgeons of Dr. Imran Tahir Clinic in Dubai says the person has to be in good health for this surgery because general anesthesia is administered sometimes.

Diagnosis and Causes

With the growing age, the elasticity of the skin and water retention capacity slows down which results in saggy skin.

A person bothered by too much skin on the neck region can undergo neck lift surgery in DubaiThe surgeon corrects and rejuvenates the neck muscle by making an incision behind the ear or under the chin.

The procedure of Neck Lift Surgery

Neck lift surgery involves different procedures such as Cervicoplasty (extracting excess skin), Liposuction (extracting surplus fat), Botox Injection (providing fullness), and Kybella Injection (extracting fat under the chin).

Preparing before Necklift Surgery in Dubai

Before undergoing the surgery, the patient should undergo medical tests to ensure whether he has any drug allergies. The surgeons of Dr. Imran Tahir Clinic suggest stopping certain medicines like aspirin, and anti-inflammatory drugs as it thins the blood. Also, avoid smoking and tobacco intake at least one month before surgery.

Expectations/ Results 

The swelling recedes, and the whole effect of treatment is witnessed after a few weeks, or months of undergoing the surgery.

Recovery Time

Follow the advice of top plastic surgeons of Dr. Imran Tahir Clinic in Dubai to avoid severe complications, before and after undergoing the neck lift surgery. The bruises and swelling usually resolve within four to five days and the sensation returns after a few months.

Risk Factors

Every cosmetic surgery has its risks and side effects. Before opting for a neck lift surgery in Dubai, research the risks and rewards of it. Neck lift surgery has various inherent risks, such as reaction from anesthesia, infection, tightness in the neck, seroma, asymmetrical result.