New Lifting Facelift

Advantages and experience of new lifting®

The new lifting face lift procedure was pioneered by dr Patrick Baraf in 1997 and since then he has performed a new lift on over 5000 women. This remarkable face lift procedure has many benefits. When it comes to traditional facelifts, most surgeons make an incision from the ear to the mouth, pulling up the skin and muscle away from the blood supply. New lifting however, keeps skin on the face so that it stays fed and nourished. Because fibres are preserved there is no blood which means no bruising and greatly reduced down time, as well as less of a risk of infection. Patients are able to return to work after one week instead of the usual 3 to 4 weeks. The operation is also shorter than standard facelifts, taking around two hours, which saves an hour and a half of anesthesia.

  1. Elevation of the skin is shortened: Skin suffers from elevation: A long procedure during which the skin flap is elevated from the deep tissues induces reactions; the new lifting significantly reduces flap elevation time, even if muscle is being undermined and sutured.
  2. Bruising is minimized: The newlifting® face lift minimizes bruising by the use of specially designed undermining instruments, in the shape of golf clubs, that provide action in a reverse way, ( roughly from the mouth to the ear).The first step of the technique, prepares undermining by passing a liposuction canula, then, the golf-clubs-like instruments are used.
  3. Nerve complications are reduced: New lifting face lift muscle undermining will be done in a safer, faster way by using electro stimulation and cautery
  4. Body reaction is minimized: Working on facial skin produces a trauma that will usually prevent social life for around three weeks. The new lifting® is a procedure that follows the direct lines of the facial tissues. Swelling, bruising, and pain are therefore often absent.
    Most patients can be seen after a few days only, some might even resume normal activities after one or two days.
  5. Skin complications are constantly reduced:Even smokers will obtain a safer procedure, as the new lifting® does less impairment of the flap blood supply; incisions are even made higher behind the ear, leaving the zone scarless.
    Reducing the recovery period to less than a week is very gratifying for the patient and the surgeon.
    Reducing the length of anesthesia and of the procedure, as well as making surgery more joyful is a benefit.
    Altogether, the new lifting®, the first direct line facelift, will change the life of the patient.