Pinnaplasty (Ear Surgery)

What is pinnaplasty?

In the human body, the ears that stick to the face do not cause any physical problem. However, if the angle of a proportion of the ear concerning the face is not appropriate, it can make people unhappy and low at confidence. This condition called pinnaplasty makes one feel different than others. Ear surgery in Dubai helps you change the shape and size of the ears if they are stuck out or you want to pin them.

Who needs pinnaplasty?

The pinnaplasty is mostly performed by the age group of children and teenagers who want to reshape the ears or pin them back to balance their proportion with the face. However, this surgery is not advisable by the surgeons of Dr. Imran Tahir clinic for children below five years of age because their ears are at under developing stage and sensitive at this time.

Diagnosis & Causes

The main causes for this surgery are tumor removal, tympanoplasty, and stapedectomy, etc. This surgery is also known by another name that is otoplasty.

How does the procedure work?

People who undergo ear surgery in Dubai are placed under a general anaesthesia so that they can sleep and not face any discomfort during the procedure. The surgery duration is for a minimum of one to two hours. The cartilages of the ears are revealed by using incisions behind the ears. The stitches are applied for holding the new ear shape in place and for closing incisions. When the incisions are closed then there is a large dressing that is wounded or wrapped around the whole head so that the ears are properly covered. There is a medical headband that is used while healing process is going on for covering of ears.

Preparing before Surgery

The surgeons of Dr. Imran Tahir clinic suggest that patients must consult an experienced surgeon before undergoing ear reshaping surgery in Dubai and be open to them about your medical history. The patient should not drink or ear anything before 6 hours of general type anesthetic.

Expectations/ Results 

After the completion of surgery, the condition that is lowering down a person’s self-confidence is eradicated permanently and the appearance is improved by balancing of ear angle of proportion with the face perfectly. The advantage of Ear surgery in Dubai is that it provides a lifelong lasting result.


The recovery duration of pinnaplasty varies from person to person but the expected recovery duration suggested by surgeons is one to two weeks.

Risk Factors

Some of the risk factors which must be known to the patients before performing this surgery are infection risk, risk of healing, and the formation of clots potentially.