Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

What is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai is cosmetic surgery of the nose, also commonly known as the nose job. Purpose of this surgery is to correct the nose shape, structure, or deformity – that causes breathing problems. People also opt for this surgery to enhance their facial beauty.

Who Needs Rhinoplasty Surgery?

People who are unhappy with their nose shape or feel that their nose creates an imbalance with other facial features undergo rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai. It’s a fact that the nose is the first object to be noticed in someone’s appearance. Therefore, people opt for nose surgery in Dubai to make their look more attractive.

Diagnosis and Causes

If a person is facing problems in breathing, rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai should be considered. As per the best plastic surgeons of Dr. Imran Tahir Clinic in Dubai, a small deviation is ok, unless it is undetectable by the naked eye.

Nose deformation can be caused due to the unequal distribution of fats, muscles, bones, and cartilages in the nose. Another reason for the cause of deformity can be genetic issues or certain accidents. In such cases, one should opt for nose surgery in Dubai.

The procedure of Rhinoplasty Surgery in Dubai

It is of utmost importance to consult an experienced plastic surgeon before undergoing rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai. Initially, the surgeon makes small incisions on the nose and corrects the misarrangements. Depending on the type of surgery, the surgeon gives local or global anesthesia, and furthermore, amends the shape and angle of bones.

Preparing before Nose Surgery in Dubai

Consider doing certain preparations before having rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai. Check regular body parameters like blood pressure and sugar level. Avoid smoking and quit other bad habits if any.


The success rate of nose surgery in Dubai is quite high. Treatment of Dr. Imran Tahir Clinic helps you get a symmetrical nose and proper breathing with his exceptional surgery skills. Fix all your nose issues by undergoing rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai.

Recovery Time

The healing process or recovery time completely depends upon the immunity level of the patient. However, bad habits like smoking can delay the recovery process.

Risk Factors

Rhinoplasty Surgery in Dubai can be associated with various risks such as excessive bleeding, infection, and other side effects. The patient is, therefore, kept in the hospital under observation, post-surgery for few days to monitor such side effects.