Thigh Lift

What is Thigh Lift Surgery? 

Thigh lift surgery is a cosmetic surgery performed to eliminate excess fat in the thigh and knee area and it is a surgery that reshapes the thighs.

Who Needs Thigh Lift Surgery?

People who want to enhance their beauty or those suffering from obesity; undergo thigh lift surgery in Dubai. Mostly this surgery is opted by people who want to make a career in movies or modeling.

Diagnosis and Causes

Numerous different symptoms have been diagnosed behind excess thigh fat by most experienced plastic surgeons of  Dr. Imran Tahir Clinic. The main symptom of this health condition is extra flaps on the thighs.

This problem of thigh flaps arises, either due to an unhealthy lifestyle or a genetic issue. Doctors advise avoiding fat-rich junk foods to evade such fat deposition. Fat thigh flaps may also occur due to aging. People suffering from thigh flaps consider opting for thigh lift surgery.

The procedure of  Thigh Lift Surgery

The procedure of thigh lift surgery in Dubai is painful for the patient. Therefore, he/she is given local or general anesthesia. This surgery is performed, making an incision and a cut, initially marking incision points on the skin. However, complications may arise if the patient has any medical issues.

The surgeon peels out the skin, removing the extra fat after making an incision. At last, leveling of the residual fat is done. The patient is monitored for few days and then released from the hospital as per his/her medical condition.

Preparing before Thigh Lift Surgery in Dubai

It is a must to disclose your medical records or family history to your plastic surgeons. The surgeons of Dr. Imran Tahir Clinic suggest undertaking all the tests before undergoing thigh lift surgery. In case you have blood pressure issues, sugar, or cardiac problems, don’t forget to inform your surgeon. Also, Stop smoking several months before.

Expectations/ Results 

The patient may face problems in walking for few days after thigh lift surgery in Dubai. Certain risks are associated with this surgery. However, legs become slim as well as in shape. Obese people no longer face difficulty in balancing and walking.

Recovery Time

The recovery from thigh lift surgery entirely depends on the patient’s immunity. People with the habit of smoking face slow recovery. Rest is a must to ensure that the incision heals faster.

Risk Factors

Thigh lift surgery involves certain risks like other cosmetic surgeries. You must consult an experienced plastic surgeon to avoid uncertainty. Fluid accumulation and bleeding are common risks observed in this surgery. The surgeons of Dr. Imran Tahir Clinic recommend the patients stay in the hospital to monitor all such after-effects.